About the Founder

Radnyee Pradhan

Radnyee has a decade of experience in the communications industry. She is a postgraduate in Media & Communication from Goldsmiths College, University of London. She began her career in advertising in Bombay in 2005, working with clients like Unilever, Johnson & Johnson, the Tata Group and Hershey’s. In 2010 she took a year to pursue a diploma in professional photography and discovered a whole new medium with which to communicate.

She has since applied her experience to working independently with clients on visual communication projects; analysing, creating and implementing. She's partnered with small & medium-entrepreneurs still
developing their brand strategies as well as with established brands looking for participative communication solutions.

Radnyee's belief in a collaborative creative process has resulted in ongoing collaborations for PixelTrain with a number of creative professionals who are experts in their own fields, be it in video solutions, graphic design or event management.

About Us
PixelTrain focuses on creating visual content that leads to direct engagement between brands and their audiences. In an environment geared toward translating experiences visually online, its crucial to define what your brand's unique experience is, and how you can use imagery to bring that to life. What sets your images apart from everyone else's? And what makes them truly yours? We bring the tools of strategy, visual thinking and research to our communication, ensuring our clients get solutions entirely their own.
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