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Content Marketing Institute Counts Down 11 Great Examples of Effective Visual Content

Visual content isn't going anywhere, and lists like this one show you exactly how it should be done. Take a look, and give us a shout if you're inspired to revive your own visual content! Via CMI.

Pins Wont Save The World, But They'll Get You Talking

Coinciding with the highly controversial American Presidential election, design firm Sagmeister & Walsh created a line of visual merchandise in support of their candidate, proving yet again that visuals say so much more than words. Click on the image and see their collection if you don't believe us!

Adobe Bids The 'Laughing Woman Eating Green Salad' Goodbye

Adobe has come up with a strange and hilarious new idea for promoting its new Adobe Stock royalty-free image service. The company is turning infamously terrible stock photos into a new limited edition clothing line. It’s called Adobe Stock Apparel. Click on the salad to see the series. Via Peta Pixel.

what is your mother's name?

For Mother's Day 2015, UN Women launched an initiative to 'Give Mom Back Her Name'. For men in Egypt and in many other countries in the Middle East, there is a peculiar taboo of not disclosing one's mother’s name in public, lest her name become a subject of shame and ridicule. Over time, she’s only referred to as ‘The mother of her eldest son’. With this video-led campaign, UN Women hoped to draw attention to the taboo that steals these women's individual identities and urged men to reveal their mother's names publicly using #MyMothersNameIs. Watch the video tell a complicated story through the men's obvious embarrassment by clicking on the image above. Via unwomen.org.

when a picture is worth a thousand statistics

As part of the campaign towards global population stabilisation, Global Population Speak Out put together the 'Overdevelopment, Overpopulation, Overshoot' book, filled with powerful and evocative images showing the ecological and social tragedies of humanity’s ballooning numbers and consumption. The image above is of the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico by Daniel Beltra. Click to view more of the images online and join the campaign at populationspeakout.org.

Storytelling In The Digital Media Age

We’re not just sitting around a campfire quietly listening to stories anymore. With new digital platforms emerging every day (who would have connected Rand Paul with Snapchat?), more and more people and companies are telling a story across several different platforms, abandoning the common “linear” unfolding of a story with a beginning, middle and end. Click on the image for the full article via tech crunch.com.


Visual storytelling is a hot marketing trend right now, and social media platforms are incorporating new features that support image-driven marketing. Facebook has steadily been making images more central to its user experience over the last couple of years, and the fast adoption of Instagram, Pinterest, Vine, and other visually rich apps by brands shows just how important they are becoming in social media marketing strategies. Click on the image for the full article via FastCo.

asian paints commissions a 'colour journey': a photographic expedition to unmask the colours of india

India's largest paint company Asian Paints brings to life the many colours of India through an innovative visual campaign. 4 photographers travel to Varkala, Chittoregarh, Rann of Kutch and Majuli Island in an effort to explore their palettes. Each image is then matched to a colour within the Asian Paints family, creating a uniquely Indian story of colour. Click on the image to follow the full journey on asianpaints.com.

Marketing needs a brand reality check: nigel rahimpour

Brands do not play as big a role in people’s lives as marketing managers assume. In fact, assuming that people don’t care that much about brands might serve us better. It will set the creative bar higher and force us to take interest in what people are really interested in. Then work it back to the brand, not the other way around. Click on the image to read the full op-ed. Via PSFK.

The Art of Saving A Life: A Digital Storytelling Campaign

The Art of Saving a Life is a collection of stories commissioned by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, about how vaccines continue to change the course of history. These stories are told by more than 30 world-renowned photographers, painters, sculptors, writers, filmmakers, and musicians to impress urgency on the global community to reach all children with the life-saving vaccines they need. The project will unveil new stories through January 2015, click on the image to follow them. Via artofsavingalife.com.

The Future of The Book: The Visual Experience of Reading

In their essay 'Papyrus to Pixels', The Economist replicated the visual experience of reading a physical book, harnessing the digital while paying tribute to paper. Click on the image to read the essay. Via The Economist.


The quest for success in social media marketing—including content development, influencer strategies, real-time tweeting newsrooms, etc.—will continue to be inefficient, unpredictable, or just downright ineffective, until it shifts its focus from being in a conversation with consumers to entering people's narratives of self. Click on the image for the full piece, via Co.Create.

Tell A Story No One's Told Before

Italian photographer Gabriele Croppi's ongoing project captures the most well-photographed cities in the world in ways they've never been seen before. It is as much an ode to those spaces as it is to the human condition. Click on the image to explore the series in the artist's words.

Land Rover creates a multi-sensory interactive experience to tell a story

Last week, Land Rover and author William Boyd launched The Vanishing Game, an interactive version of Boyd’s 17,000-word story about a mysterious driving adventure across the United Kingdom. The novel’s protagonist, Alec Dunbar, drives from London to a remote part of Scotland, encountering suspect characters and navigating rugged terrain in his Land Rover Defender. Online, traditional mystery reading transforms into a multi-sensory experience. Via PSFK.

The Rights Exposure Project

Founded in 2009 to explore the use of visual storytelling in social activism, The Rights Exposure Project brings together a range of audio-visual professionals from around the world to create awareness and inspire change. Click to visit their site, which features the projects they've worked on across the world.

Ikea reimagines Van Gogh, Renoir and Hopper to convey the joys of eating with others

The Swedish furniture giant wanted to celebrate enjoying meals with others. “To do this, we re-imagined the paintings as photographs to help make them resonate with a modern audience. These pictures pay tribute to the power of the original iconic paintings which convey a sense of solidarity that comes from sharing mealtimes together." Click to view the full article, via art net.news.

The Brand is the Story: How an outdoor clothing company using storytelling to turn consumers into activists

'Not many brands can pull off a half hour of people telling stories about their favorite pair of 15-year-old swim trunks.' Here's how outdoor clothing brand Patagonia makes it work. Via Co.Create.

Digital Innovation & The Future of Storytelling

'This is the opportunity we all have in front of us: to redefine storytelling for an always-on world. Looking ahead, the winning brands will be those who are best able to harness the power of these technologies to create and share stories that strengthen the connection with their audiences.' Click on the image for the full story. Via Wired.

Visual anthropology in brand research

Drawing strategic insights from a single photograph: Henri Cartier Bresson once said, “Sometimes there is one unique picture whose composition possesses such vigor and richness, and whose content so radiates outward from it, that this single picture is a whole story in itself.” Click on the image for the full article. Via Fast Company.

Are Photos the Secret Ingredient of the Internet Economy?

"We tend to think that photos matter because they are a record of the world. But this is only the necessary condition of their significance. The reason they really matter is that they are the single, smallest, richest, cheapest, easiest token of value and meaning online. We mint them. We trade them. We accumulate them. We treasure them." Click on the image for the full post. Via CultureBy- Grant McCracken.

The Importance of Images in Social Content

Back in July, digital agency Appnova created an infographic detailing the importance of having images in your content. Click on the image to view the info graphic. Via DesignTaxi.

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