Our Services


Still photography services for a range of clients across industry sectors, and occasionally for ourselves. We photograph people, places and all kinds of things.

Visual Communication

Creating sustainable communication meant for new media's reliance on the visual- a blend of images, insight and analysis. We develop ideas to address a clients' specific requirements, and expand it into a visual narrative.


Crafting marketing strategy with a clear focus on visual-led, participative communication. With a decade of experience with both FMCG behemoths & boutique brands, our approach is consumer-based and result-oriented.

About Us
PixelTrain focuses on creating visual content that leads to direct engagement between brands and their audiences. In an environment geared toward translating experiences visually online, its crucial to define what your brand's unique experience is, and how you can use imagery to bring that to life. What sets your images apart from everyone else's? And what makes them truly yours? We bring the tools of strategy, visual thinking and research to our communication, ensuring our clients get solutions entirely their own.
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